Style Guide: Seniors

The time has finally come. Graduation is just around the corner, and if you are like how I was as a senior, you just can’t wait to get out into the open world and experience life outside of high school. On the other hand you might not know how you feel about this big grand adventure you’re about to embark on , but HEY at least you can look good while doing it!

Now that you have your senior session booked, what on earth are you supposed to wear? I get a lot of questions about this around this time of year, and while I am not Amber Fillerup Clark, I know a thing or two about trends, and what type of colors/looks look best on camera. All the things you need to know about styling your senior session will be condensed into this blog post, including my favorite places to shop for a perfect spring wardrobe!

Flowers, Blossoms, and Greenery


A hot spot this spring ( and every spring) is The Capitol Building in downtown Salt Lake City. If you want hills of green, flowers, and cherry blossoms, this is the place to go. There are also many surrounding areas such as Memory Grove Park with great photo opportunities. The blossoms at The Capitol Building pull very light pink in the background, and the gravel on the ground is light gray. Because of this the subject ( you ) can easily blend into the background if you wear whites, grays, pale pinks and reds. Especially if you have blonde or light colored hair. A color that will stand out and pop in a location like this is a navy blue or denim blue. Stay away from big busy patterns and don’t be afraid to layer!

Some locations have a lot of flowers, trees, branches and other distracting elements. I love pictures with any sort of flower, but any time you take pictures with a busy background, avoid big patterns and loud pieces. Anything that would distract from your pretty face is a no-go. Instead of patterns, go for texture, frills, or pretty details. I like anything light and airy when it comes to this type of location. I recommend a white or neutral colored blouse or dress with lace details, or even a yellow or red jumpsuit, sweater or dress.

Shooting in greenery is easy. Almost anything goes with green. My absolute favorite color to pair with green scenery is reds and pinks. They pop and show`` really well in a green setting.

Below are my favorite spring trends, with colors and styles that would fit perfectly for your outdoor senior session.

Urban Settings

Street style has become one of my favorite styles to shoot. I love the edgy pieces that are in style right now. The pieces linked below would work perfect for shooting around downtown Salt Lake City, an open field, or an indoor studio.