Full Time Baby

Customer after customer, hour after hour. A job in retail sales can really put a damper on someones boss babe vibes. SO I QUIT!

No it wasn’t irrational for me to quit my retail job to become a “photographer”. I already am a photographer. Am I scared to go full time and throw myself into the unknown? YES. But if other people can do it, why can’t I?

I remember the day I decided that I wanted to take my photography full time. I was sitting on Indeed ( you know, the job hunting website that FLOODS your email inbox). I desperately wanted a change. I wasn’t learning and there was no room for growth in the position I was in at my current job. I sat and felt stuck. So help me if I had to work at another call center, retail store or carwash ever again I WOULD LOSE MY MIND. Keep in mind that at this point I’m at the awkward stage of not knowing what the heck I want to do with my life. The more I sat scrolling through jobs the more I realized, I had something I loved doing. I did it all the time, and it was something that could fulfill me and give me purpose. For once in my life it all clicked and I decided to go for it!

Once I made my mind up that I would become a full time photographer, I have been working non-stop ever since. I am living the dream, and doing all of the things I never imagined myself doing. I love to create and all this hard work is paying off my friends. After months of preparation, growth, and a passion, I finally found myself in a position to put my two weeks in at my current job and say “CATCH YOU ON THE FLIPPITY FLIP!” Let me tell you it feels SO GOOD.

I’m not telling you this so you will all think I’m some successful woman who does whatever the heck she wants. Because TRUST ME I have a lot to get done still, and a long long ways to go. There is so much room for me to grow and learn about business. There is so much I still need to accomplish. If anything, I’m telling you this because if there is something you want to do or start doing. JUST DO IT! Honestly there is no better time then now. I see people on the street, at restaurants, at airports, and parties who just look miserable. They are miserable with their life and what they are doing. I decided that will never be me. Open that salon, start that course, take your big ideas to an investor, BUY THOSE SHOES. Do whatever will bring you the most happiness.

I know that this will not be all butterflies and rainbows for me. I am aware of the hard work that goes into running a business of any type, but I know if I didn’t take this leap now, I never would. I finally have found my purpose, and I can’t wait to show you all what I can do.

Featured Shoot: Laura at Utah Lake. One of my new favs.